About Us

Our Vision
To be most sought after institution in training and developing musical arts professionals in Africa.


The mission of ZCM is to:

Produce musical arts professional.


  • Self Expression

Being able to provide an environment where one is able to show their creativity, personality and ideas through musical art.

  • Excellence

Being outstanding in everything we do and surpassing expectations.

  • Accountability

Being responsible, answerable and able to explain yourself on actions and decisions made.

  • Cultural Diversity

Being able to respect, appreciate and value different cultures, their dynamism and the desire by individuals to safeguard their heritage.

  • Teamwork

Being able to work together to achieve set goals.

  • Equal Opportunity

Being in a position to afford competent persons access and the right to exercise their abilities without any discrimination. 


ZCM's Goals are:

  • Programming

To have diversified programmes that meet the needs of the industry.

  • Leadership

To be an organization that lives up to the ZCM values.

  • Clients

To surpass customer expactations in all our relations.

  • Resources

To have adequate resources.

  • Marketing

To be a known brand.

  • Human Capital

To have sufficient and qualified Human Capital.

  • Facilities

To fully utilize the existing facilities.

  • Tools

To have adequate state of the art tools.

•    To provide for students of all ages and races a comprehensive training in all branches of music.
•    To encourage and develop appreciation of music among the public and to cooperate with Government and local authorities in improving the standard of music in schools and in tertiary educational institutions by providing teachers with appropriate music qualifications.
•    To provide facilities of education in music to those of moderate means by establishing bursaries for those who will profit by a sound musical education but could not otherwise afford it.
•    To establish a bursary fund partial from annual income of ZCM and the encouragement of donations from private individuals and public bodies and for this fund to provide scholarship to students of outstanding merit to enable them undertake further training
•    To set a high standard of study and training so that when in due course, the authorities concerned may be enabled, if they wish to, enter into an associate ship status with an established university as well as to regard ZCM as competent to undertake the functions and responsibilities of the Faculty of Music of the University.