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Academic Announcements

Classes Start 03-FEB-2024

Music Course

  1. Fundamentals of Live Sound Engineering
    ⦁ P.A System setups
    ⦁ Mixing live signals
    ⦁ Live gear maintenance
  2. Music Production
    ⦁ Music composition (beat making) in Digital Audio Workstation such as Logic Pro Reason and FL Studio
    ⦁ Audio recording
    ⦁ Mixing and Mastering
    ⦁ Music production masterclass
  3. Adventures in Music
    ⦁ Nunganyunga mbira
    ⦁ Piano
    ⦁ Dance
    ⦁ Voice
    ⦁ Drum
    ⦁ Guitar
    ⦁ Recorder
    ⦁ Marimba
    ⦁ Clockenspil

For More Tel:
+242 749076/7 | +263 786 097 196 +263772670000

The Registrar
Zimbabwe College of Music
C3 Cic Centre, Rotten Row, Harare

Adventures in Music

Children studying and enjoying music tend to be more emotionally mature and empathetic towards other cultures. They also tend to have higher self-esteem and are better at dealing with anxiety. When a child learns and plays an instrument, the encouragement of a teacher and the enthusiasm of a proud parent will build pride and confidence in him or her.